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Brighton i360 Abseil – iDrop

Make the most of 2021. Sign up for an impressive 162m abseil from Brighton’s iconic British Airways i360 Viewing Tower on Thursday 8th July.

Don’t just revel in the incredible views of up to 42km along the South Coast from the Viewing Tower; take them in during the highest controlled descent in the UK.

By taking on this challenge, you will be helping Care for Veterans to continue to provide care and rehabilitation to physically disabled ex-Service personnel.

There are only a total of 32 places available, split into two groups of 16 people at either 7pm (fully booked) and 8:40pm (catch the sunset at just after 9pm).

To take part, simply pay £25 to reserve your place, then raise £300 in sponsorship.

Essential Requirements:

  • Minimum age: 14 years old – under 18s require parental consent and supervision.
  • Minimum height: 1.2 metres
  • Maximum weight for harnesses: 19 stones (120 kg)
  • Maximum upper leg circumference for harnesses: 75cm
  • Maximum waist circumference for harnesses: 130cm

See more information below the form.

Make an enquiry to our fundraising team by completing the form below. Alternatively, you can email us at or give us a call on 01903 218444.

Please note, this event is subject to weather conditions:

  • The iDrop is extremely wind sensitive and we may have to reschedule in the event of high winds.
  • iDrops will not take place in the event of high winds, persistent rain, lightning, heavy snow, ice or weather conditions that the team reasonably believe will render the iDrop unsafe.
  • The iDrop team constantly monitor the weather and will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible if we have to reschedule your iDrop.

The iDrop Experience Information (operated by Wire and Sky):

One of the highly trained iDrop team will greet you upon arrival and answer any questions you may have. Once you are signed in, you will be welcomed aboard the “pod” by iDrop instructors. As you take flight to the top, the crew will fit you with your safety equipment, ensuring you are safe and ready to go.

From the platform, you will have time to admire the stunning 360-degree views of Brighton and the South Coast as you wait for your turn to drop.

Once it is your turn, you will receive instructions to guide you every step of the way. Prior to your descent, you will be attached to safety lines secured to the pod and your safety system checked by your instructor.

Using the safest rigging system conceivable, you will be asked to lean backwards, letting the ropes take your weight. The instructors will let you know when to take that leap of faith, and away you go!

Descending through the air at speed, you will be treated to some sea views as you journey toward the ground. Once complete, you will be assisted by another instructor, who will unclip you from the system and help you to remove your safety equipment.

The iDrop team will go through all the processes and safety considerations with you.

The safety rules and policies are also included below so that you can be sure that you are totally familiar with the procedures. Once you are ready, you will be asked to sign a declaration to say that you understand the activity and are prepared to go ahead.

Physical and psychological requirements:

  • The British Airways i360 iDrop requires physical exertion and physical strength. You must fully understand what the activity involves and ensure that you are capable of completing the descent unless you have made special access arrangements in advance.
  • The British Airways i360 iDrop is psychologically challenging and participants are advised that they are likely to experience some level of fear.
  • Essential medication can be taken up in the pod. You must notify your instructor on the day of your iDrop if you require such medication.
  • You may wear hearing aids and spectacles provided they are secure and not loose fitting.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in a fit state of health to complete the iDrop.
  • Unfortunately, pregnant customers are not permitted on the iDrop. If in doubt, you must consult your medical practitioner before embarking on the iDrop.

Clothing and safety equipment

  • You must wear suitable clothing under your safety equipment (described in the Terms & Conditions).
  • Loose clothing including, but not limited to: skirts, dresses and long cardigans may not be worn under harnesses.
  • Long hair MUST be tied back.
  • You must wear the assigned safety gear at all times and must not interfere with any safety equipment once it has been checked by your instructor.
  • If you are uncomfortable, do not adjust your safety equipment yourself but notify your instructor who will assist you.
  • You will need to leave your personal belongings either in the pod or at the bottom with a friend or family member.
  • No loose items including but not limited to: food, medication, phones or cameras may be carried whilst descending.
  • Any medication can be left with your instructor.


  • You must not take loose items onto the iDrop platform (especially phones).
  • You must not throw / drop items from the exclusion zone as this is highly likely to cause serious injury to people below.
  • You must not damage or deface any property of Wire & Sky or the British Airways i360 structure.
  • You must not cause any nuisance, distress, annoyance, concern or fear to any other participant or interfere with the instructors.
  • You must adhere to the safety instructions of the iDrop instructors and any other rules and regulations of the British Airways i360.
  • In case of an emergency, please follow instructions and directions from your instructors.

Alcohol and intoxication

  • You must not be under the influence of alcohol, nor any legal or illegal substances the effects of which could make it unsafe for you to particpate or make you unable to understand the safety instructions.
  • We adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol consumption at the British Airways i360 iDrop and reserve the right to refuse entry with no refund if your blood alcohol reading is above zero.
  • You may be ejected from the British Airways i360 or may not be permitted into the British Airways i360 if, in our reasonable opinion, you or your behaviour poses or is likely to pose a health and safety risk; affects or may affect the enjoyment of the other participants; affects or may affect the running of the iDrop; may cause damage to or interfere with our property or that of our contractors; is unacceptable; is in breach of the terms and conditions; is in breach of the law; is in breach of any rules and regulations of the British Airways i360; may lead to a breach of any licensing conditions; and/or if you refuse to leave a prohibited item with our staff or use threatening or abusive words.

The full terms and conditions that apply to your visit to the British Airways i360 iDrop are available upon request.

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