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Keep Calm and Keep Running

Part One of Keep Calm and Keep Running

Join us in the first of four epic virtual runs this year. Take part in the Keep Calm and Keep Running series throughout 2021, and honour those who risked it all for the life that we live today.

When: January 2021
Where: Anywhere
How: Race 5k any day that suits you this January
Reg Fee: £15 – You’ll receive the first medal in the Keep Calm and Keep Running Series – Collect all four and see how they come together! The person who raises the most sponsorship wins a special Care for Veterans prize!
Keep Calm and Keep Running Bulk Registration offer: Sign up for all four races now for £50! (Offer ends Friday 29th January)


Join us this year in the Keep Calm and Keep Running series and support the veterans who fought for the freedom that you and I enjoy today.

This race kick starts our series with a 5k, simply pick your route and run anywhere you like. Join us this year and make a difference to veterans like Steve.

No matter how much you raise you will make a massive difference to the ex-service personnel at Care for Veterans.

£60 (the reg fee for all four races) – Could cover the cost of our Physiotherapy department for 1 hour, enabling residents to increase their strength and flexibility, helping to improve their independent and quality of life.

£140 – Could cover the cost of ten veterans to receive a session of speech and language therapy, helping them to learn to speak and/or swallow again after a brain injury.

£250 – Could fund our Chaplaincy service for a week. Our chaplaincy service aims to support the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the residents, their families and the staff so that life continues to have purpose and meaning; so that the everyday rhythms of life can be celebrated and remembered, explored and enjoyed, endured and experienced with sensitivity, support and understanding.

£500 – Could fund our Rehabilitation Kitchen for a day. Our fully customized rehabilitation kitchen increases residents’ independence and achievement, by helping them re-learn lost skills, using specially adapted equipment.


To sign up please complete the form below or contact us on 01903 218444 or



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