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Race for Remembrance 2021

“I am running to remember my Uncle Eric and those he served alongside. Aged just 20, Eric was one of 148 crew members who were lost at sea when the HMS Beverley was torpedoed during World War II. Race for Remembrance is a way to honour Eric’s memory and others like him by helping those who have served in our armed forces today.” 

Take part in the Race for Remembrance 11k run this November and honour those who we’ve lost, by supporting those today.

This year don’t reach Remembrance Day on 11th November wishing you had done more to show your appreciation for their sacrifice.

How: Simply run 11k as part of our virtual challenge (you can also choose to cover 11 miles or take part in a different way, just let us know how.)

When: Anytime during November 2021, but we recommend as near to Remembrance Day on 11th November or Remembrance Sunday on 14th November this year.

Where: Anywhere. Any route, anywhere in the world – team up with friends or family abroad and run or walk the 11k together, virtually.

Reg Fee: £15 – You’ll receive a certificate and a medal.

Technical running t-shirt/vest: We would love you to wear our Care for Veterans t-shirt and raise awareness. If you don’t already have one, we are asking for a donation of £5.50 to cover the cost of a technical running t-shirt or vest and postage within the UK.

Leaderboard: Get your 11k personal best! Then add your time to our leaderboard and send us your pics for our gallery.

Do I need to raise sponsorship? Once you have paid your registration fee, there is no minimum amount to donate. However, it has been a very difficult time for fundraising and we really appreciate any amount you can raise in sponsorship. Every penny goes directly to Care for Veterans to enable us to provide the high standard of care and rehabilitation which makes a huge difference to the physically disabled veterans we support.

By taking part, you will help to ensure that our veterans don’t have to face the toughest battle of their lives alone.

To sign up please fill out the form below or contact us on 01903 218444 or

Please use the form below to pay your registration fee or go to:


If you are part of a group or club, we would appreciate you helping us to promote this event.

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“I am running to remember my Uncle Eric and those he served alongside…”

The HMS Beverley was a Clemson-class destroyer built in 1920. It was part of the Mid Ocean Escort Force, protecting merchant ships carrying vital supplies from Canada to the British Isles. On 9th April 1943, while escorting Convoy ON 176, the HMS Beverley collided with the steamship Cairnvolona in bad weather and had her anti-submarine and degaussing gear put out of action. She moved to the back of the convoy. Two days later, on 11th April 1943 at 5.49am she was torpedoed by German submarine, U-188, southwest of Iceland. Only four of the ships’ complement of 152 crew members survived in the freezing conditions. The Beverley was the only ship to be sunk on this occasion.

Eric was one of 148 crew members who died at sea, aged just 20. 

Race for Remembrance is a way of honouring his memory by supporting veterans in need of help today.

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Who will you be thinking of on Remembrance Day?

“I always remember those whom I was with who now lie in Saint Manvieu War Cemetery.

After the war, I visited the immaculately maintained cemetery and found them. Standing by their graves, I immediately noticed the poignant date inscribed upon the stones. At the same time, I saw that their regimental numbers were very close to my own and, therefore, we 18-year-olds were probably in the same intake.

As I stood by their graves, I was deeply saddened and thought, ‘I am standing here, and you are lying there.’

Peter Hawkins, resident at Care for Veterans who sadly passed away in March 2021 aged 95. Peter's words live on to remind us that he would be thinking of his fallen comrades during Remembrance.

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