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Time to care appeal

By supporting our Time To Care Appeal you/your company can fund vital time for rehabilitation, therapy or recreation for our residents, helping improve the quality of their lives and providing life-changing rehabilitation.

£240 will fund time to do the small but really important things in life that we all take for granted

For many of our residents, their physical disability is such that they need assistance in doing very simple things like getting in and out of bed, taking a bath or using a toilet. £240 will purchase a body sling for a resident which, when attached to a hoist, will lift them safely out of bed into a relaxing hot bath or into a wheelchair so they can leave their room. Slings are used many times per day but the constant wear and tear and laundering means they have a limited life span and need to be replaced when they become worn. £240 pays for a specialised sling to give a resident mobility, independence and dignity, enabling them to do the small but important things in life.

£498 will fund time out in the local community for a group of our residents to have a ‘Great Escape’ away day at the beach, the library, museum or other local attraction

Our ‘Great Escape’ days out enable our residents to leave the confines of their rooms for a day of fun or culture in the local community. Being able to leave the building means they feel less like a ‘patient’ and gives them a sense of independence and freedom, as well as enabling them to practice their communication skills in cafes, shops and other public buildings. £498 pays for transport for 8 residents, the time of care escorts to accompany them, plus entry to local attractions.

£1,238 will fund time for a resident to regain their speech by enabling them to have vital and personalised one-to-one speech therapy for 2 weeks

Residents who have lost the ability to speak and communicate properly, after a severe brain injury or a stroke, often feel frustrated and isolated. However we can help them to get their voices back in one-to-one speech therapy sessions. Some residents may also require specialised solutions such as computer-aided communication devices or may need to learn sign language. This type of therapy can also greatly help those who are having problems swallowing and those having difficulty in eating and drinking, so is absolutely vital in helping our residents get back to normal.

2,180 will fund time to greatly improve the mobility, flexibility and confidence of our residents by providing life changing physiotherapy for a week

In 2015 our Physiotherapy Team delivered over 4,000 individual physiotherapy sessions and also ran wheelchair exercise sessions for groups of residents. Pictured here is Scott could not walk at all when he came to Care for Veterans, but after months of dedicated physiotherapy Scott learned to walk on his own using a walking aid. For some, the prognosis for recovery is very limited but every small achievement in becoming more mobile and independent becomes a huge step forward.

Could your company support one of the above life changing or life-enhancing aspects of the care we provide at Care for Veterans?

Every company that supports this appeal will:

  • receive a personalised certificate to display giving details of what you have supported
  • will be credited on the roll of honour of Time To Care supporters on our website
  • will be credited on the roll of honour of Time To Care supporters in our newsletter
  • know they are supporting our disabled veterans to have the best quality of life they so richly deserve

For more information and/or a Time To Care application form, please contact Elizabeth on 01903 218444 or at

Thank you to the following companies who have supported our Time To Care Appeal:

  • Bond International Software (UK) Ltd
  • C Brewer & Sons Ltd
  • Prudential plc
  • The Clancy Group plc
  • Next plc


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