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A ‘hub’bub of wellbeing activities

After the past year or so of restrictions, the new look ‘Wellbeing Hub’ is in full swing offering a wide range of exciting activities to stimulate both bodies and minds.

Lead Occupational Therapist at Care for Veterans, Jennifer Chouchelamane, explains:

We have a varied timetable of activities to cover the physical, mental and social aspects of wellbeing. This includes a daily chair-based exercise class, Monday movies, cookery club, music appreciation, darts competitions, mental agility games and quizzes, and relaxation/mindfulness sessions. 

We have also started to resume outings and social events. When the weather permits, we take advantage of the lovely gardens here or go out into the local community. 

All of our residents are welcome to participate in activities, whatever their ability. 

We have also created spaces for residents to enjoy their individual passions, such as jigsaws, painting, reading or weaving as well as offering a library of games, books, music and films to loan out.  

Residents also suggest ideas, and we are trying out new activities, such as Race Nights and a ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’ quiz. The feedback from residents has been very positive. The team are thrilled to see our veterans enjoying themselves, especially after such a difficult year.

Wellbeing is more than just being well, it is about having fun, reminiscing about the old, learning about the new, making new friends and sharing your passions. 

Jennifer Chouchelamane, Lead Occupational Therapist

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