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Mission Statement

“It is the mission of Care for Veterans to provide permanent and short-term accommodation, or out-patient care, for former members of the British Armed Forces and their families”

Care for Veterans is very proud of the level of professional care we administer to our residents. We have at our core, the values of Privacy, Dignity, Rights, Independence, Choice and Fulfilment. We also value our stance of providing a home-from-home environment to help avoid institutionalisation and to keep residents focused on the future.

There are many different types of nursing care undertaken throughout Care for Veterans that are reflective of the disabilities suffered by our residents. We have residents with motor neurone disease, central nervous system disease, Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) and spinal injuries. Not only is each type of illness different but each individual is different too.

We emphasise rehabilitation and where possible get residents to a point where they are able to cope living in the wider community and on their own.

About Us

Our mission statement and core values:

Core Values

Our core beliefs, care values and ideals are centred on the key areas of Privacy, Dignity, Right, Independence, Choice and Fulfilment. These beliefs and values are not prioritised in order, as we believe them to be of equal importance.


We understand that living in a shared environment and requiring help with personal tasks can be extremely invasive of privacy, and that appropriate and effective management is a key benefit desired by residents.


We appreciate that disability can undermine dignity and we treat each resident as a valued individual to maintain their dignity and effectively fulfil their wishes.


We recognise that living in a protected, shared environment can inadvertently deprive a resident of their rights as citizens unless managed effectively.


People give up a considerable amount of personal freedom when they move into Care for Veterans' shared environment. As such, we actively encourage each resident to function as independently as possible in order to retain his or her place in society.


We want our residents to enjoy a wide and flexible range of high-quality services, including leisure activities, social activities and to this end, provide a variety of choice in general day-to-day living activities.


We passionately believe in helping our residents to maximise their ability and achieve their closely held personal aspirations where possible.


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