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Wheelchair Clinic

Our Wheelchair Clinic is a service that provides adjustments, repairs and new wheelchairs to the residents here at Care for Veterans. It is run by our Occupational Therapists, as our Occupational Therapists know the residents so well, they are able to do daily checks and see at a quick glance if adjustments need to be made/ if something is broken. This means that if a resident has an issue with their chair, they don’t need to go onto the NHS waiting list, they can be seen to immediately. This of course, has a wider benefit to the local community as we are not adding to the NHS’s already heavy workload.


Having an easy-to-access service on site has massive benefits to residents and ensures that they maintain their optimum level of independence. If a wheelchair is not comfortable/appropriate, the following can happen;

  • They will be likely to stay in bed more
  • Increased pain
  • Rehab can be affected
  • Relationship with both family and staff can be affected – residents not able to venture out, see family and friends or go on any of our regular trips
  • All of the above, of course, have a massive impact on the resident’s mental health


It costs just £72 to fund our Wheelchair Clinic each day, where approximately 4-5 chairs are adjusted. If you are able to contribute towards this facility, please contact our fundraising team on 01903 218444.

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