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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy provided at Care for Veterans has the primary focus of helping residents to achieve and maintain their capacity to function in daily living activities, allowing as much independence as possible. Residents can learn new skills (or re-learn basic, everyday skills) and take up hobbies, for example learning to use the Internet and email, which can help them stay in touch with their families.

We take care to include as many practical activities as possible, because they help residents to enjoy some of the tasks and hobbies they associate with everyday life. Residents are able to cook safely using a fully adapted training kitchen and with our one to one support, making small cakes and other items. Painting, crafts and model making are also popular and these activities help to build and maintain hand/eye co-ordination.

“When the NHS rehabilitation came to an end, this was the only place that provided the therapies I needed” Resident

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