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A Race to Remember(ance)

Residents at Care For Veterans Embrace Challenge and Triumph in the Race For Remembrance


In a display of true grit and determination, the residents of Care For Veterans undertook a day of intensive challenges to contribute to the charity’s Race For Remembrance campaign.


This remarkable event, timed to coincide with the national observance of Remembrance Sunday, encapsulates the enduring spirit of those we honour each 11th of November, the day marking the commencement of peace talks to end WWI. This day would forever be known as Armistice Day. 105 years on, we still mark this momentous day by remembering the loved ones, soldiers, and civilians that lost their lives to conflict.


Drawing a symbolic parallel, the challenges were crafted around the significant number ’11’, a poignant reminder of the historical ceasefire. After three weeks of dedicated training with physiotherapists—a journey generously shared with supporters on social media—the residents, despite severe disabilities that limit movement, stepped up to the challenge with unwavering resolve.


Veteran Steve, typically cycling between 3-4km, astoundingly completed an 11km cycle in under one hour. Meanwhile, Veteran Vardre, a die-hard Arsenal fan, had set an ambitious goal to score 11 goals while standing. In an overflow of enthusiasm, he doubled his accomplishment, ending with a victorious 22-0 scoreline. In recognition, Arsenal Football Club has expressed interest in featuring Vardre’s impressive feat in an upcoming match-day edition of their magazine.


By his family’s side, Greg achieved the formidable goal of 11 sit-to-stands and 11 squats, each held for 11 seconds, showcasing the power of family support and personal perseverance. Similarly, Veteran Andy, initially aiming for 11 sit-to-stands, rode the wave of the day’s energy to also complete 11 squats and an astonishing 11km cycle.


The event was supported by friends, family, fellow residents, and the Care For Veterans staff. The air was filled with creativity and encouragement, with handmade banners and artwork dotting the venue. Each completed challenge was met with the fanfare of confetti cannons, and as a finale, the proud physiotherapists and event staff, some of whom had been brought to tears of pride and happiness, presented a surprise performance challenge. In comical attire and to the rousing anthem ‘Eye of The Tiger’, they too tested their fitness, adding to the day’s infectious enthusiasm.


The culmination of this event was not just in the challenges overcome or the smiles shared, but also in the significant funds raised to ensure the continuation of care and rehabilitation for these extraordinary veterans.


As the campaign continues, there remains time to donate and support this exceptional cause. Every contribution not only honours the valiant spirit of our veterans but also aids in their ongoing journey of recovery and rehabilitation.


To make a donation and be a part of this inspiring movement, please reach out and support the Race For Remembrance. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who have made profound sacrifices for our freedom.



Check out the highlights video below to see all the various ways our supporters got involved!
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