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Andrew Jones

Navy veteran

Originally from Gelli in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales, Andrew Jones is a charity ambassador for Care for Veterans. He is married to June, who is also from the Rhondda.

Andrew joined the Royal Navy on 27th July 1981 and served 20 out of 22 years. He had a rugby accident whilst in training at HMS Raleigh.

Andrew first served on the HMS Hermes, then on various ships, including HMS Nelson (shore base) during Falklands War, HMS Protector, HMS Endurance 1987-89 (old one) then 1995-97 (new one), HMS Ark Royal, HMS Gloucester (1st Gulf War, HMS Ark Royal (Bosnia War), HMS Exeter, HMS Coventry, HMS Kent, HMS Invincible (2nd deployment to the Gulf), HMS Marlborough (3rd deployment to the Gulf), HMS Bristol. In between these postings, he went to various shore bases.

Over the 20 years spent in the Navy, the service tried to put Andrew’s knee right seven times but failed. So, in 2001 he was medically discharged. He had a further five operations on his leg, including a complete knee replacement that failed after two weeks. After numerous consultants, he told them he wanted them to amputate his leg, which they eventually agreed to do.

After a little bit of time, Andrew went to work for B&Q, spending five years in a call centre. After another little break, he ended up with Scottish & Southern Electricity, again in a call centre, but due to ongoing problems, he retired completely. In between all of this, Andrew’s wife, June, went through breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy, so now they care for each other. June has continued to work.

After the amputation, B.L.E.S.M.A. came to Andrew and June’s front door and helped put them both back together after all the stress.

Andrews wanted to support a veterans’ charity and wanted to stay in touch with ex military personnel. He is proud to be an ambassador for the charity.

Andrews’ hobbies:

  • Andrew plays golf with B.L.E.S.M.A. He has been skiing with them and NFA (Not Forgotten Association)
  • He is on the books with Battle Back via the British Legion
  • Andrew did take part in the Invictus Games Trials, but alas, he did not get picked.
  • On Course Foundation (O.C.F.)
  • Disabled Golf Association (D.G.A.) of England
  • Welsh Disabled Golf Association (W.D.G.A.) – He was incredibly proud to play for Wales vs England.
  • Member of Wickham Park Golf Club near Fareham
  • Andrew takes part in Archery and has shot for the Royal Navy Archers (R.N.A.)
  • He is currently enjoying being a little nerdy and is re-building an O.O. gauge Model Railway upstairs.

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