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Staff Administration

Staff Administration

This is processing data, for the purposes of appointments or removals, pay, discipline, superannuation, work management or other personnel matters concerning staff.  

The term ‘staff’ includes all past, existing or prospective members of staff who are employees, office holders, temporary and casual workers, and volunteers. The personal information held about them includes all personnel and work management matters – for example their qualifications, work experience, pay and performance.  


We collect data on those applying for a role at Care for Veterans. This includes an application form and curriculum vitae and details of any correspondence. Once an appointment is made, unsuccessful applicants’ information will be retained for seven months in case of any claim, following which all data will be deleted. 

Current staff will have a personnel file held securely by human resources. They will also have their personal data stored on the PeopleHR system.  Information held on the database includes both standard personal and special category data. 

Standard personnel data includes: 

  • Name  
  • Address and work email  
  • Telephone contact details 
  • Start date and contracted hours 
  • Role at Care for Veterans 
  • Salary 
  • Date of birth 
  • NOK details 
  • National insurance number 
  • Gender 
  • Confirmation of DBS (not the certificate) 
  • Holiday and sickness absence 
  • IPR / supervision dates 
  • Training log 
  • Vaccination status 

Special category data includes: 

  • Photograph 

 PeopleHR is stored on a secure UK server. No details are shared or sold to any third parties. 


All salaries are paid via the SAGE pay roll system held securely on an internal server.  Information held on the database includes both standard personal and special category data. 

SAGE standard personal data includes: 

  • Name 

SAGE special category data includes: 

  • Bank details 

All employees are then paid via a bacs transfer via secure on-line banking. 


Upon leaving Care for Veterans any data will be archived.  This will be held for seven years after your leaving date, at which point it will be securely shredded or electronically deleted.  If you work in a clinical role, a summary record will be held until your 75th birthday.   This is in accordance with NHS retention instrument 122. Your data may be retained beyond this if: 

  • There is a claim involving Care for Veterans 
  • There is an occupational health issue ongoing 

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