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Support for veterans’ charity’s ‘Tree of Festive Cheer’ appeal

Thank you so much to the companies and individuals have donated to the Care for Veterans ‘Tree of Festive Cheer’ Appeal.

Due to the Covid restrictions our resident veterans have not been able to enjoy the numerous visitors they would have had at this time of year.

Thank you so much for sending a festive message of cheer to let them know that you are thinking of them.

Your donations will make a huge difference to the disabled ex-Service personnel in our care:

  • £15 Christmas Dinner for a Veteran
  • £30 Seasonal crafting materials for a creative social & recreational activity
  • £60 Hour of festive physiotherapy activity

Your support at this very difficult time is truly appreciated by both residents and staff at Care for Veterans.

For information. please contact or call 01903 218444.

Read their messages here:

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