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Supporters and friends of Care for Veterans are remembered here on our tribute page. If you would like to leave a tribute for a loved one please email

Sylvia Lesser – resident

‘In memory of our dear friend, Sylvia Lesser. Sadly missed by the Golden Girls.’
Mrs Wright

Penelope Geater – resident

‘Mum, known as Penny or Pen, felt extremely relieved and fortunate to become a resident here.
Before she became ill and needed to be cared for herself, Mum had dedicated her whole life to being a mother and grandmother, and a devoted wife to Maurice. So it was such a relief for all of the family to know that she was given such a warm welcome and ongoing individualised care by all the staff, not just on Norfolk North, but also from Matron, the physio and OT teams, the dining room staff, cleaning staff and the reception staff.
Throughout her final months, it was clear to us that Mum felt loved and safe. She wrote on her communication board, ‘I can’t believe how lucky I am to have come to such a wonderful place.’
As her family we could not have been more reassured that Mum received the very best care, as did we when we visited her.
Although Mum’s disease was taking her, living at QAHH (Care for Veterans) brought much needed and welcomed positivity back into her life. No matter what was happening, laughter and humour were never far away and Mum loved that.
Mum always liked to look pretty and the staff took time to style her long hair with great kindness.
Mum really enjoyed trips home to her own house to spend time with Dad, but was always happy to be returning to Norfolk North.
One aspect of QAHH (Care for Veterans) that Mum and I enjoyed together was the smooth pathway that winds through the pretty gardens. We would go for a stroll round that path after supper and have a natter, and Mum used to point out the spring flowers that were all coming into bloom, and as we passed other residents, she loved just a simple exchange with them.’
Jo and Maurice

Avril Thomson –  resident

‘Although Avril was only with us for a relatively short time, during that period we all got to know something about what sort of person she was and about the life that she had led.
Family was of the utmost importance to Avril: this was apparent in the way her face shone when visited by her family members, young and old. It was also obvious that Avril was held in the highest regard and the fondest love by all of her extended family. Her husband Tom was devoted to her, we all remember him walking through the cold, pouring rain to deliver a 3ft Valentines card to his beloved wife!
Tom and Avril had led an interesting and varied life, we could see this from all of the photos of holidays and events that Avril had displayed in her room. All of the photos showed a lady who loved life and loved being surrounded by family and friends.
Avril had always been keen on fashion and always liked to look nice. This was something we tried to continue for her even when she became very unwell.
It was a shame that the Avril we knew at QAHH (Care for Veterans) wasn’t able to show us the vibrant, warm and fun-loving person that she obviously was, but we were honoured to have cared for such a wonderful person during her last days.’
Karen, Norfolk North Ward Manager

Surgeon Commander J M Fitzpatrick OBE RN

‘In memory of my late husband, Surgeon Commander J M Fitzpatrick OBE RN, who served in the Royal Navy, on HMS Foresight, HMHS Oxfordshire and at Hammersmith Hospital.’
Mrs E Fitzpatrick

Ray and Betty Filsell

Major Ray Filsell and his wife, Betty, supported The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home tirelessly over many years as both visitors and fundraisers. They brought much invaluable pleasure to the residents, always spending time with them, supporting chapel services and providing books for all takers. Together they produced and sold Christmas Cards for the benefit of the Hospital Home, using Ray’s wonderful and intricate skills to create each individual card – one can only speculate about the considerable amount of money they raised over the years. Our sincere thoughts to their family on their passing.
Rev. David Farrant

Joseph Holliday

In memory of my grandfather, ‘Bampy’ Joseph ‘Jack’ Holliday, resident at QAHH from 2001 – 2004.
Mr David Holliday

George Richard Michel

In memory of George Richard (Dick) Michel, who greatly enriched our lives and was much loved by his family and friends, also in appreciation of the wonderful care and sympathy which he received at QAHH.
Rosie and Keith Michel

Harry Molineaux

“104-year-old Harry was a very likeable, typical Londoner from the East End, where he had a well-known fruit and veg stall in Spitalfields Market. Harry served in the Seventh Armoured Division, The Honourable Artillery. He was invited on several occasions to visit his regiment – on one occasion Harry had a police escort to the Tower of London, where he sat and watched the cannon salute to His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh on his 90th birthday, before enjoying lunch in his honour at his regimental headquarters.

Harry was a dedicated, lifelong supporter of Arsenal; last year he visited the grounds with his grandson and met Arsene Wenger where he was given a 104th birthday card and a signed football shirt by all the team. Harry was very proud of his signed gifts and would go round the Hospital Home in his wheelchair showing everyone with a big smile on his face. Harry also liked whiskey and would ask residents to join him in his room for a glass or two.

Harry always wore his favourite baseball cap and made every effort to look smart. He liked to go out in his wheelchair and sit on the corner of the road where he would watch life pass by and chat to people.

Harry had a close sister called Ivy. Ten years younger than Harry, she lived in Wales and so could not easily make the trip to visit him and so they would regularly chat on the phone.

I was very honoured to be Harry’s keyworker, escorting Harry on several occasions. He is sadly missed by all the staff and residents.”

Tracey, Healthcare Assistant


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