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VE Day 10k Leaderboard 2023

Here is the leaderboard for VE Day 10k 2023

Thank you to all of our participants who are taking part to honour our armed forces personnel, past and present, by supporting veterans who need our help today.

Every penny we raise goes directly to Care for Veterans and will enable us to continue to provide our high standard of care and rehabilitation, which makes a huge difference to the physically disabled veterans we support.

By taking part, you are helping to ensure that our veterans don’t have to face the toughest challenge of their lives alone.

Add your time to the leaderboard here or get in touch on 01903 218444 or

Congratulations to everyone who has taken part.

Looking for a new challenge? Sign up to the Worthing 10k today.

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Position Runner Name Time
1 Claire Purdie 0:46:28
2 Iain Robertson 0:47:09
3 Jason Wade 0:48:40
4 Paul Mulcahy 0:49:39
5 Kelly Mulcahy 0:55:36
6 Milo Maverick Mootealoo-Igoe 0:57:15
7 Jack Taylor 0:57:15
8 David McWhirter 0:59:03
9 Phillip 1:00:00
10 Sue Wood 1:03:08
11 Annette Flett 1:03:34
12 Laura Cooper 1:04:21
13 Ashley Pinder 1:05:28
14 Jen Earlam 1:05:31
15 Sarah Kirkham 1:08:43
16 Rosamond de la Bertauche 1:15:00
17 Tracey Deeks 1:15:00
18 Diana Godin 1:15:00
19 Leonie Ranson 1:15:23
20 Dorothy Meikle 1:16:12
21 Alison Jarvis 1:16:19
22 Jennie Hamilton 1:18:50
23 Sarah 1:20:00
24 Frank Ladley 1:20:42
25 Fran Savory 1:24:22
26 Hayley Culliton 1:32:47
27 K Lane 1:41:00
28 Bill Burgess 1:42:34
29 Leigh Wiltshire 1:57:12

“You do such wonderful things I try to support by running most years. My partner was in the Army so I understand some of what our men went through. Keep up the good work you are all amazing” – Fran Savory, VE Day 10k Runner, 2023

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“I am 80 years old and unfortunately I have a dodgy left knee which does inhibit me. I am however glad I managed it and managed to raise a few pounds. Sorry I have no photographs. I did manage to get absolutely soaked but hehe it is Scotland ” – Bill Burgess, VE Day 10k Runner, 2023

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“My Grandads & uncles served all services, but both grandads came back different men…. I never met them to say thank you.” – Sue Wood, VE Day 10k Runner, 2023

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“As a British Army veteran myself I like to try and help raise money and support veterans charities.” – Paul Mulcahy, VE Day 10k Runner, 2023

Looking for a new challenge? Sign up to the Worthing 10k today.

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