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Volunteers Week

This week is Volunteers’ Week and we have been thinking of our wonderful volunteers who we are missing so much. We can’t wait to see their cheery faces again and our residents are really looking forward to chatting with them when this is all over.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our volunteers and hope we’ll be back together soon. Of course, they haven’t been twiddling their thumbs during lockdown and we thought we’d share some pictures of what they’ve been up to.

Brian has been designing some stunning train set scenery…

June has been working away in her garden…

Linda has been helping in the crisis by making masks and some very imaginative scrubs…

and last, but not least, Mike has put his hand to prose and  written “Ode to Lockdown”…

Ode to Lockdown by Mike Sullivan

So what have we been doing you asked
Since this awful lockdown began?
Gardening, gardening and gardening
And getting by as best we can.

The garden has benefited the most
All manner of veg has been sown,
And pots full of plants with colour
This garden paradise is truly our own.

Blue-tits chose to make it their home
We eagerly watched them feather a nest
Then constantly feed the hungry chicks
Until finally they flew like all the rest

Waitrose and Asda have delivered our food
Amazon delivers anything else, day after day.
The doorbell never stops ringing
But to answer well distanced we stay.

We’ve missed you all so very much
And hope that you’ve all stayed well
And one day we hope we’ll be back
After this interminable COVID19 hell.

Find out more about volunteering for Care for Veterans. 

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