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Chaplaincy is about life – celebrating what is good, offering support through the sad times, enriching the ordinary, remembering the values that we uphold, enjoying the simple things and being together.

Chapel opening times

The Chapel

The Chapel is open every day from breakfast time to supper time for you to enjoy its peace or to offer a prayer.

We have held baptisms, confirmations, wedding blessings, memorial services and funerals for residents, their families and staff.

Every Wednesday at 3.30pm there is a short service in the chapel including hymns, prayers and Holy Communion.

The chaplaincy team continues to grow in number and its involvement in the life of the charity under the care of the chaplain, a priest in the church of England, Revd Beverley Miles otherwise known as Rev Bev or Bev the Rev.

Chaplaincy can be a misunderstood aspect of care. The ethos at Care for Veterans is to offer holistic, person-centred care which meets the needs of the whole person – physical, medical, social, emotional and spiritual. Our aim in chaplaincy, is to support the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the residents, their families and the staff so that life continues to have purpose and meaning; so that the everyday rhythms of life can be celebrated and remembered, explored and enjoyed, endured and experienced with sensitivity, support and understanding. This is about being a part of the everyday life of the charity as well as offering spiritual and religious experiences that stand apart from the everyday such as prayers and special services. The chaplain is also available on call to offer care and a listening ear at the difficult times such as towards the end of life and at times of change and loss.

The chaplaincy offers services to mark the ongoing pattern of the year with gatherings for Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas, both in the home itself and at places such as Lancing College for the annual Carol Service. We rarely miss an opportunity to celebrate what is special and to remember what is good.

The Chaplaincy team is indebted to many volunteers who offer valued support right across the home not only to residents and their families and the staff but also to the social and fundraising teams.

Jennie Bonner is a Licenced Reader in the Church of England who offers support for our weekly Wednesday Chapel Service of Holy Communion (3.30pm) and takes a service of hymns and readings from time to time. Jennie also offers pastoral support to residents by visiting for a chat and offering prayers with those who ask.

Joyce Matthews is our faithful chapel assistant who supports the weekly service, arranges the flowers in the chapel and also takes Holy Communion to residents in their rooms if they are unable to come to chapel.

There is an amazing and ever-growing group called ‘The Listening Team’ who individually visit residents in their rooms or in the social spaces for a chat, to listen to their stories, share books, magazines or poems, play cards or games, they fill up the bird feeders, tidy up the garden areas or take residents for a wander around the gardens.

There are plans to develop a Gifford House Choir made up of residents, families, staff and volunteers who will enjoy singing and making music together just for the fun of it but also to share the joy with others through concerts and fundraising events. Watch this space!

Contact Beverley on 07786 924 942 or email: beverley_miles@hotmail.com

For me, chaplaincy is all about sharing the great love that God has for each of us. Please let me know if we can help you in any way. Revd Beverley Miles

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