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The Africa Rally 2024

Africa Rally, an exciting and adventurous event, founded by Paul Clayton, a seasoned veteran of epic journeys such as The Mongol Rally, The Peru Monkey Run, The Put Foot Rally, The Scotland Monkey Run, and the Plymouth to Dakar Rally.

With an impressive 14 years of rally and adventure travel experience spanning all continents, Paul’s expertise and passion for exploration, particularly in Africa, are unparalleled.


Key points

  • Registration is currently open; the event is 29th June 2024 – 20th July 2024 – 3 Weeks from South Africa to Kenya (Challenger Route) or South Africa – Malawi – South Africa (Discovery Route)
  • Any vehicle can enter, but we encourage classic cars, and other unlikely vehicles as a preference
  • Teams must raise money for a charity of their choice
  • We’ll help with visas, other paperwork, shipping, and associated services at a discounted rate via our partners
  • Everyone to reach the finish line with (or without) their vehicle gets a unique Africa Rally Finishers Medal


Entry Categories

  • Motorbike £999 – Discounted entry will be offered for any solo traveler’s keen to take on the Africa Rally by motorbike.
  • Classic £1,249 – Your vehicle needs to be older than the oldest member of your team.
  • Car £1,399 – The standard category for most teams who’ve found a second hand vehicle to utilise on this adventure.
  • 4×4 £1,499 – See Africa in style with the luxury 4×4 category; either bring your own or rent one from one of our Partners.
  • Random £995 – Reserved for the craziest of adventurers. This category is for the unusual or downright bizarre vehicles; fire engines, milk floats, ice cream vans, and limos all fall into this category.


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Support Provided By Current Africa Rally Partners

We partner with Smart Visas

Shipping of Vehicles / Logistics
We partner with Global Fixers

Event Specific Travel Insurance
We partner with JS Insurance

Vehicle Rental
We encourage teams to purchase their own ridiculous vehicle for the rally (see entry categories) but for any individuals wanting to simply hire we partner with Bushlore

For more information please do not hesitate to reach out directly – Email: // Phone: +44 (0)7817 949 920 or +27 (0)60 304 8114

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