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Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is the term used to relate to a non-degenerative brain injury incurred after birth. The damage may be caused by traumatic injury to the head, for example open or closed head injuries associated with vehicle accidents or the impact of a fall. The damage can also be caused through non-traumatic means, for example a tumour, aneurysm or infection, stroke or metabolic imbalance associated with liver or kidney disease.

“As we depart, it is time to say a final thank you for interacting so well with Sue and for developing her strength, stamina and abilities.” Resident’s Husband

People who suffer from an ABI often have varying levels of physical disabilities and the greatest challenge they face is coming to terms with these abrupt changes and learning to live with them. In a very real sense living with ABI is like acquiring a new body and successful rehabilitation often means the re-learning of basic acts of daily living such as cooking and personal grooming. The abrupt changes are difficult for sufferers and their families to deal with and the level of emotional and psychological stress can be overwhelming.

Care for Veterans operates in a specialist capacity, to provide the correct type of care and attention individuals with ABIs require, care which is often not available on the NHS. We understand the vast changes that occur to people’s lives when suffering an ABI and the importance of structuring a rehabilitation programme which focuses on individuals regaining as much of their independence as possible, ensuring that psychological well-being and emotional balance are maintained.

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